Camping v2.0 Information

Available Saturday 3/4/23 3pm EST – Title Update 0.9.1 Camping v2.0 Information

[NEW FEATURE] New Custom Camp System v2.0
A revamp of the entire camping system has been completed and we hope it allows for more options when trying to live in county.

6 New Camp Types with 5 new Permits
Every Character is allowed 1 Camp Permit.
Every Citizen is only allowed 1 Group Camp so pick wisely amongst your characters.
Every Character can be a member of up to 2 group camps besides their own if they have one.
Characters need to place a member camp in a group camp to be able to build there.

All camps have various radius distances depending on their size.
Member camps attached to a group camp must be with in the group radius.

Every camp allows for a different set number of allowed items.
Below is a small layout of the new camps and their prices and features.

Prices were adjusted to regulate large camps and constitute a value for these camps.
Please watch the following tutorial for more info on the Camp system and its added features.

To transition to Camps 2.0 ALL camps will need to be wiped. This will happen on Saturday, March 4th, 2023 at the 3am EST Restart. Make sure to empty storage and cash and pack up camp before then to not lose anything.


We hope the new system allows for more flexibility and options.

Thank You
The Architect
Chris Austin
CEO // CoOwner // LeadDev (edited)

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