New Character

| General Starting Suggestions

When you first spawn in, you’ll have $125.00 in your pockets.
You can verify that by bringing up the command prompt (Press T) and typing /showcash, or double tapping your left alt-key.
Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy your first outfit, so try not to spend all your money on clothing and accessories.

A great way to get some money in your pockets is to do local deliveries. These can be found in town labeled on the map as a crate labeled job delivery.

| Voice Level

Your Voice Level will turn green when you are talking.

1 bar = Whisper – 3 Meters
2 bars = Talking – 8 Meters
3 bars = Yell – 15 Meters
4 bars = Shout – 32 Meters

Each bar will make your voice carry further.
Using the J key, or left on the Dpad will change your vocal range.

| Population Density

Population changes dependent upon how many people are nearby.

1 bar = Less than 10 people nearby
2 bars = Approximately 15 people nearby
3 bars = Approximately 20 People nearby
4 bars = More than 20 people nearby (Too Many)

| Collecting Essentials

Managing Thirst

In order to collect water, you need to go to a river and crouch down. Multiple prompt will appear that say collect water, or drink water.
Alternatively, you can go to your local store or Market and buy some.

Managing Hunger
You’ll need something to eat so you don’t pass out. You can hunt yourself some meat using a weapon and hunting an animal. After an animal has been killed and skinned, you’ll have to cook your meat over a fire.
(No you cannot eat it raw!)

| Tips from Veteran Players

Always flee your horse before logging out or the server restart.
Not doing so will injure your horse and you’ll have to return to the stable to retrieve it!

Utilize the Commands page!

Visit a doctor in town to fill your health core.

There are 2 types of poster boards available in each town. They are labeled on the map as bulletin boards. This is a great place to find information such as events or character created advertisements for businesses.

New Dakota has a level system that is referred to in game as books. To read more books, you’ll have to do mundane tasks such as crafting, hunting, or just about anything there is to do in the game.

To log out, press your F8 key and type the word quit.

Load your ammo!
Make sure you have your gun in hand, open your inventory and use the ammo box in your inventory.

Utilize your map index while in the map!
Controller players can use the B or Square button.
Keyboard players can use the space bar.
Hovering over the icons on the map with the red crosshairs will show you their label.

Storage options!
Each player is given an inventory on their person.
Bank vaults can be utilized for storage, but keep in mind that storage is limited to that bank in particular. Those items in the Valentine bank storage will not be found in the Blackwater bank storage.
There are also purchasable ways to store items on your horse.

NEVER use esc to close your storage. ALWAYS use backspace.
Backspace also works for closing menus.