Commands & Keybinds

| On Foot

Keyboard Input
ActionController Input
BOpen InventoryTap Right on D Pad
JCycle Voice ProximityTap Left On D Pad
HCall HorseTap Up on D Pad
Long Press Left AltPlayer MenuTap Down on D Pad
Long Press TabWeapon WheelHold L1 or Left Bumper
Hold R/Mouse ButtonFocus/AimHold L2 or Left Trigger
QEnter/Exit CoverTap R1 or Right Bumper
CLook Behind YouHold R3 or RS
Left ctrlCrouchTap L3 or LS
Hold/Tap Left ShiftRun/SprintHold or Tap X or A
Press Left AltPlayer MenuHold Down on D Pad
VCycle CameraTap Select or Back
escRed Dead Redemption MenuTap Options or Start
GPointUse Emote Menu
IHands UpUse Emote Menu

Opening the Text Box

To use any in game command, the text box will need to first be opened. This can be achieved by tapping the ‘T’ button while in the game.

| In Game Display Options

/loadskinLoad Character Skin
/loadcReload Character
/loadclothingReload Clothing
/hudToggle1 Heads Up Display
/showcashToggle Cash in Pocket Display
For permanent options, please visit government services in the game.
/showtimeShows Local Server Time
/showcoordsToggle Current Coordinates
/showchatShows /me chat history
/talkingToggle Talking Display Above Players
/reticleToggles Reticle
/reticleDetectToggles Animal Detection
/reticlecolorChanges Reticle Color
/reticlecolor2Changes Detection Reticle Color
/reticletypeChanges Reticle Type
/reticlesizeChange Reticle Size
/swapmapChanges Location of HUD Map
/cycleproximityCycles Through Vocal Range

| Game Mechanics

/camp_loadReloads all Camps
/house_loadReloads All Houses
/market_loadReloads all Markets
/market_permitOpens Market Permit Menu
/fixinvisibleFixes Invisibility Issue
/endmissionEnd Current Mission
/tackloadLoad Horse Tack
/givemoneyTransfer money to a character
/endbathEnds Bath if Stuck
/boxDisplays Box #
/emergencyTeleports you to random location when stuck
/pvpToggle PVP Mode
/statusShows Social Circle Status
/checkjobShows Current Job
/add_wagonAdd Closest Person to Wagon
Law Specific Command
/face_animsOpens menu to change facial expression
/rcboatPuts away RC Boat

| Player Scenes

/opsDisplays permanent in game text box that stays with characterClears with server resets
/copsClears in game text box on character
/hopsHide Ops
/meDisplays temporary in game text box on character
/doDisplays temporary in game text box in red on character
Home KeyDisplays semi-permanent in game text box on character location
A small purple reticle appears on screen. Line the reticle up with where you want to place your text. Press home button again to place.
View distance: 1 = closest….10 = Farthest.
Clears with server resets

| Stance Styles

/badassStand with Arms crossed
/crossarmsStand with Arms Crossed
/handonhipPlace hands on hips

| Walk Styles


| Job Specific


| Dance Styles

CommandActionSpecial Features
/cancanBegin CanCan Dance
/dancepairDance as partners
/firedanceBegin Fire Dance
/snakeSnake Dance
/swordSword Dance

| Emotes

/CCancel/Stop Emote
/bandanaPulls bandana up
/beckonGesture someone to come to you
/begStarts Begging
/blowkissBlow a Kiss
/blowkiss2Blow a Kiss
/bow2Respectful Greeting
/broomSweep the Floor
/cane 1Use a cane
/cane 2Use a cane
/cane 3Use a cane
/cane 4Use a cane
/dcstop using cane
/champagneHave a glass of Champagne
/checktimeLook at the Time
/chewHang on belt and itch butt
/chickenTaunt someone
/cigarSmoke Cigar
/cigSmoke Cigarette
/cleanglassBartender Cleaning Glasses
/cleantableClean a Table in Front of You
/coffeeDrink Coffee
Can Walk
/coinflipFlip a Coin
Can Walk
/clipboardUse a clipboard
/cuckooRoll hand around head
/damnyouAgitated Hand Posture
/ddrinkDrunkenly Drink your Beverage
/drinkDrink beer
Item Required
/drunkpassoutPass out on floor
/falldowndrunkCollapse drunk
Male only
/fanUse a hand held fan
/feedFeed chickens
/fiddlePlay the fiddle
Female only
/fistpumpPump fist in the air
/fkneelGet on knees
/flexFlex at someone
/flipoffFlip someone off
/followmeGesture to follow
/frieghtenedHands in front scared
/ftendTend to fire
/guitarPlay guitar
/handsupPut hands up
/knockKnocking motion
/koDown yourself
/layonbackLay on your back
/layonsideLay on your side
/leanLean against the wall
/leanbarLean down on railing/counter
/leanbar2Lean down on railing/counter
/leanbeerLean holding drink
Male only
/leancheckgunLeans checking weapon
Male only
/leansharpenknifeLeans checking weapon
Male only
/leantallfenceLeans against high wall
Male only
/leanlowfenceLean on a low wall or railing
Male only
/leanpipeLean against wall
Item required
/leanchatLean against counter or rail
/letsgoPoints afar
/lookfarHand over eyes
/nearestSeats you in nearest chair
/notesUse a notebook
/nodNod your head ‘yes’
/passoutbackPass out with bottle in hand
/passoutdrunkPass out
Male only
/peekPeek around corner
Male Only
/pipeUse a Pipe
Item required
/pointPoint at someone
/pointlaughPoint and laugh
/pullweedsPick plants from ground
Male only
/rcboatStow RC boat
/rakeUse a rake
/rolldiceRoll the dice
/rpsRock Paper Scissors
/sidesaddle(Left or right)
/sitSit down
/sit2Sit down
/sitbookSit and read a book
/sitdrinkSit and drink
Item required
/sitnewsSit and read newspaper
/sitsmokeSmoke while seated
Item required
/sleepbackLay on ground
/sleepgroundLay on ground
/sleevesRoll up your sleeves
/smellyWave hand in front of face
/smokeSmoke a cigarette
Item required
/spitSpit at someone
/tadaWave arm in front of yourself
/tiphatTip your hat to someone
/trumpetPlay trumpet
Please don’t
/vomitGets the rat stew out of you
/vomitkneelGets the rat milk out of you
/waveWave hand
/wave2Wave hand
/yeehawGet pumped