Casual Role Play

| What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is a form of gameplay improv where participants assume specific roles and act out scenarios or narratives. This can be used as a training tool, a method for practicing social skills, or a way to explore and understand different perspectives and experiences.

Original player photo by: Kate Florez
Reimaged by: Joel Abel

We believe in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all players, including those who are new to roleplay.
When the DRB founders initially delved into roleplaying, they encountered a daunting array of rules, unfamiliar terms, intricate writing, and applications. Seeing that these complexities discouraged many friends eager to enhance their Red Dead Redemption experience, the founders were inspired to create a beginner-friendly space, free of all the applications, required backstories, and forgiveness free roleplay.
After much trial and error, they crafted an entirely new definition for roleplay.

| Casual Roleplay

Casual Roleplay is something we’d like to believe we invented. It offers any player the option to take their roleplay to the moon, or keep it simple. We don’t require any specific outlined and maintained backstory, however players are fully encouraged to create one if they so choose. The goal isn’t to limit creativity, but to encourage it at a pace that makes the player comfortable.

Casual RP, as we define it, embraces the acceptance of inexperienced roleplay and the inevitable mistakes that may arise.

It’s important to note that basic roleplay etiquette is still essential and enforced within our community.

To familiarize yourself with these etiquette guidelines, we recommend referring to our dedicated resources under the Getting Started > New Player Information tab at the top of the page.