| Shared Housing

Housing whose name does not show up in the upper left hand corner of the HUD, are considered shared/instanced. While within the state they are referred to as ‘shared housing’. These properties can be purchased at any government services building.

  • Shared property owners are only entitled to their private indoor space.
    • Horseplay on shared outdoor property is prohibited.
    • Guarding of shared outdoor property is prohibited
    • Illegal activity is prohibited at the entrance of shared properties.
      • Entering a shared property within 48 minutes of a crime is prohibited.

| Private Properties

Properties whose name does show up in the upper left hand corner of HUD are considered private properties. These properties can only be purchased through an available realtor while within the State.

To contact a realtor, please send a telegram to Box#001.
To see a list of available houses for sale, there is a realtors board in the realtors office (In Blackwater) that can be viewed.
Only 3 properties per week will be available (If there are 3 vacant properties).

  • Players may only own a single private property per IP address.
  • Property owners must log in & participate in gameplay a minimum of once weekly to retain ownership status.
    • If a property owner does not log in within 1 week of their last gameplay session, the property will go into foreclosure.
    • Property owners will have 2 days after foreclosure status to claim their property. A fine will need to be paid to reclaim the property.
    • Staff is not responsible for any items lost in storage after a foreclosure.
  • Players in need of LOA time of less than 2 weeks may submit a ticket to the development team in an attempt to retain their property.

| Camps

Camps are wilderness housing setup on a piece of land borrowed from the state. A camp is not an owned piece of land and therefor is subject to anyone passing through if need be.

Camps are land rented by the government to the player.
Players may not sell, auction, trade, or bribe for camp space in the state.