Government Services

| General Information

Government services can be utilized for many reasons.
Currently, there are 2 buildings which can be found in Blackwater and Saint Denis.
If intending to utilize the building in Saint Denis, please proceed with caution, as many players experience an error code 961 after the RedM application crashes while in that area.

| Marriage & Divorce

In the State of New Dakota, you can legalize your union within the State in the eyes of the Government.
Both you and your partner will need to go to the Government Services Building to file your marriage. You will be prompted to provide who’s last name will be taken. Legalizing a marriage will cost the filing settler $500.

It’s important to note that if both parties own a piece of real estate in New Dakota, one party will have to surrender their property.

To file for divorce, only one party will need to be present. You will need to have $1,000 on hand in order to successfully file and revert to your surname.

| Other Name Changes

For townsfolk who have read 10 or less books, you can opt to change your name at the Government Services Building.

Anyone may also change the names of their Animals or equipment at any time following the below price list:


  • Pets
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Pigs


  • Wagons


  • Farm Animals
  • Boats

| Markets

In order to open a market, you’ll have to file a market application. That application will ensure your ability to reserve a spot within the market spaces.
The cost of an application is $20,000.

After purchasing a market, and experiencing success within that market, you may want to acquire a stall permit. Stall permits are used for decorating market spaces, thus drawing in window shoppers.
The cost of a stall permit is $5,000.

If you’ve not accessed your market for at least 7 days, you will receive a fine from the government and have your market shut down. You can pay this fine to reopen your market which will be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 dollars, dependent upon your market space.

| Jobs & Equipment

Electing for a trade can be done at any trade agent’s desk.
Use caution when selecting a trade, as you will have to pay for your schooling when switching to a new career path.

The price to change trades will depend on how much knowledge was gained at the prior position.
After reading 15 books (reaching level 15) in your current position, you’ll have to pay $50 per book read.

If you’ve been robbed or lost your Herbalist Kit or Trapping Book, you may purchase a replacement at the government services teller for $100.

| Set Defaults

When you first wake up in New Dakota, you’ll find that some things may not be to your personal preference. Not to worry, you can change your defaults!


  • Swap Mini Map
  • Change Telegram Alert Sound
  • Talking Accessibility
    • Puts an icon above settlers heads for visual indication
  • Vocal Range
  • Personalize Reticle


  • Change Walk Style
  • Cash Display
  • Riding Style
  • Social Defaults

| Print shop

Print shops can be utilized for displaying and removing your advertisements across the entire state. You can pay a delivery person to post posters to every board in New Dakota.

Please review the Advertisement Board Guidelines prior to posting an ad.

| View/Surrender/Transfer Instanced Properties

To transfer an instanced property, you’ll need $1,200 in your pockets.
The person you’d like to transfer your property to will need to be online, and nearby while you make the transfer.