Player photo by: Magnolia May

| What Is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting is a term that refers to the practice of allowing only specific, approved entities to access certain resources – in our case the Dakota River Bend server.

Why Whitelist a Casual Role Play Server?

When DRB was initially established, the founders weren’t supportive of implementing whitelisting. They deliberately kept the server open for anyone interested in joining and playing. However, as the community expanded, the influx of players also brought a rise in disruptive griefers looking to cause trouble.

Recognizing the need for protection for the community against such disruptions, the staff team decided to introduce a verification process. This measure was intended to discourage individuals seeking to join the server solely to disrupt the experience for other players.
Instead of opting for a lengthy application that typically included standard role-play server whitelist information, a concise quiz was created to assess players’ understanding of the rules before granting entry.

The verification process proved effective in deterring those with malicious intentions from attempting to join the server. This resulted in the creation of a more community-friendly environment, safeguarding the overall experience for players.