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When interacting with DRB and its subsidiaries, it is crucial to adhere to all rules and guidelines. These have been established to ensure a positive experience for all community members. Please be aware that rules, guidelines, disciplinary actions, and laws may be subject to change at the discretion of the staff team.

We recommend keeping notifications on for the #📌| notice-board to receive official announcements from staff.
Pings are typically limited to a maximum of one per week to minimize disruption.

Please note that server logs are continuously monitored for rule violations and abuse. However, we strongly encourage the community to actively participate in keeping everyone safe by familiarizing themselves with the rules and promptly reporting any rule violations or instances of abuse.

Respect Others

Treat your fellow roleplayers with respect, both in and out of character. Be considerate of their boundaries, ideas, and preferences. Avoid any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior.

Win-Only Mentalities are Prohibited

In roleplay, it is crucial for players to maintain an open-minded and accepting attitude, being willing to accept and experience losses or setbacks as part of the storytelling process. This mindset is essential for fostering successful roleplay and ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

In the event of a disagreement or conflict, it is important for players to communicate and address the issue in a civil and respectful manner. Disagreements are a natural part of any community, but it is crucial to handle them with maturity and understanding.

Utilizing Exploits & Modifications
Is Prohibited

Engaging in abusive behavior towards game mechanics, server mechanics, or utilizing third-party apps or add-ons will result in an immediate ban from the game.

Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to, macro controls, glitching, duplicating items, or using god mode.

We kindly request that if you discover an exploit, promptly report it to the Development team by creating a ticket in the designated channel (# | create-a-ticket).

Must be 18 or Older to Participate

Due to the maturity rating of the game, we ask that all new players are ages 18 and older.

Players deemed underage by the mods are subject to removal from the server.

Do Not Direct Message Staff

We kindly request that you respect the fact that all staff members are volunteers.

They prefer to keep their inboxes reserved for personal direct messages only.

For any support or general questions, please utilize the designated channels, such as # | general-questions or # | create-a-ticket, where our team will be available to assist you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

No Sexually Suggestive Content

We strictly prohibit the sharing or creation of sexually suggestive content within our community.

All content, whether it be in-game, on forums, or on our social media platforms, should adhere to a PG-13 rating.

We kindly request that all community members respect this guideline and refrain from posting or promoting any sexually suggestive material. This helps us maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

Use unique & appropriate cFx & Discord names.

To maintain a distinctive and immersive environment, we prohibit the use of generic names such as “Stranger,” “Hotel Owner,” or any NPC (non-player character) names. This ensures that each character or player has a unique identity.

Additionally, offensive names are strictly prohibited. We ask that you select names that are respectful and considerate of others within the community.
Please refrain from using ‘~v~’, in your name, as this creates a black display name.

Moreover, profile pictures should not contain graphic or controversial images.

No Religion or Politics Talk In Public Chats

We kindly request that you refrain from discussing religion or politics in any public chats on our Discord server. These topics can be controversial and divisive, and we aim to maintain a positive and inclusive environment for all community members.

We do allow for religion-based roleplay within the context of in-character interactions. However, we ask that all roleplayers approach these topics with sensitivity and respect for others’ beliefs and perspectives.

English Preferred

While we encourage the use of English as the preferred language for written chats and communication among players, we understand that other languages may be used to enhance roleplay experiences. However, we kindly request that you keep written communication near other players primarily in English to ensure inclusivity and facilitate understanding among community members.

Furthermore, we ask that all communication on our Discord server be conducted in English for the benefit of our moderators.

Discord Etiquette

  • Don’t use @Everyone
    • Limit any mentions
  • No spamming | Excessive posting
  • Use the designated channels | Do not post questions & suggestions in general chat!
  • When using #❓| general-questions & #💡│suggestions use the search function to avoid making duplicate posts.
  • #👏 | rp-kudos is not for calling out players mistakes. Please be nice!
  • Keep disagreements civil.
  • No Member Poaching
    Recruiting for another server is prohibited.
  • No Speaking Negatively about DRB &/or staff.
    • No negatively speaking of other servers or other server staff.
  • Use #🎫| create-a-ticket for reports & complaints.
  • Do not use Discord to exchange meta information.
  • Please approach the process of voicing server complaints with sensitivity and respect.
    A significant amount of effort, dedication, and passion has been poured into this project by the staff members.
    It is important to remember that staff members are human beings with feelings as well.

Staff Intervention

You may login to discord to find that a staff member has reached out using the ticketing process.

We require any player who has been contacted for any reason acknowledge the contact being made by either a reaction or a written response.

Any player who has not acknowledged intervention within 24 hours will have restricted access to the RedM Server.