RP Etiquette

| General

Starting off in RP can feel intimidating, with a plethora of rules and unfamiliar terms to navigate. We understand this can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this list to help those feeling overwhelmed. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all community members. While no expertise is required, if you’re unfamiliar with the art of roleplay we recommend reading through the below list.

Familiarize yourself with all Community Rules and Gameplay Guidelines.

Stay in character consistently to maintain immersion.

Backstory and accents are optional. Imagine being dropped into 1899, hiding your knowledge of the future.

Follow the established lore and setting.

Be mindful of pacing. Respect the pacing of the roleplay and the preferences of other participants. Balancing the speed of storytelling, action, and character development ensures an engaging experience for all involved.

Give others a chance to contribute. Allow space for other players to actively participate and contribute to the story. Avoid dominating the spotlight or overshadowing others. Collaborative storytelling is a group effort, and everyone’s contributions are valuable.

Be flexible and adaptable. Roleplaying often involves unexpected twists and turns. Be open to adapting your character’s actions and plans based on the evolving narrative and the actions of other players.

Effective communication is important. If you encounter a problem, try role-playing your question to those nearby.

Use /ops appropriately to display visible or olfactory information about your character. It should not be used as an identifier.

If you require brief OOC (Out of Character) assistance, ask someone if you can temporarily drop your accent and have a private conversation in a designated area via whispers.

If you’re unable to solve your problem that way, please either ask in #❓ | general-questions or #🎫 | create-a-ticket, rather than disrupting several players roleplay.

Avoid relying solely on character voices to identify players, as some may have multiple characters.

Refrain from baiting others out of character.

Only play copyright-free music through your microphone if it aligns with your RP (remember, it’s set in 1899).

While /me, /ops, and /scene can enhance RP scenarios, be mindful of their potential disruptive nature and respect others when using them.

Utilize /me for non-verbal communication. If you’re uncomfortable speaking or lack a microphone, /me can effectively convey your actions to others.

Use /do to add emphasis or describe verbal actions.

Ultimately, roleplaying is about having fun and enjoying the creative experience. Embrace the storytelling, character development, and interactions with others to make the most out of your roleplaying adventures.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a fulfilling and immersive RP experience. Remember, everyone starts as a beginner, so don’t hesitate to ask for help and have fun exploring the RP world!