Role Play Definitions


Gathering information from sources outside of gameplay and using it as in-character knowledge.

It occurs when a player incorporates knowledge gained from sources external to the game or the character’s experiences to gain an unfair advantage or manipulate the game world.

This behavior ignores the boundaries between player and character knowledge and can ruin the immersion, fairness, and integrity of the roleplaying experience.


Metagaming Examples

Your friend tells you in a discord call that they will be robbing a bank in Valentine.
Your character shows up to the meeting spot without being told about it.

Referencing your alt character or ‘cousin’. Knowing any information your alt character would know.


A style of play where a player focuses primarily on maximizing their character’s power, abilities, or resources without much consideration for the narrative, roleplaying, or collaborative aspects of the game.

Powergaming often involves exploiting game mechanics, rule loopholes, or min-maxing character builds to gain a significant advantage over other players or the game world.

Powergamers typically prioritize winning or achieving personal goals over the immersive storytelling and cooperative elements of the roleplaying experience.


Powergaming Examples

Accessing a storage (horse/bank/home) during an on-going scenario to avoid items being robbed or confiscated.

Fast traveling to escape law.

Revenge RP

The pursuit of vengeance or seeking retribution for in-game actions or events that have negatively affected a player’s character.

In Revenge RP, players develop narratives and engage in roleplay that revolves around their character seeking justice or revenge against another character or group of characters within the game world. This can include planning and executing elaborate schemes, confrontations, or acts of retaliation to address perceived wrongs or conflicts.


The act of permanently killing your character.

Suicide RP is not allowed.

Server Restart

The Storm

Roleplay should continue up until the point of the storm, and continue as was after.

Criminal RP is not to be initiated within 48 minutes of a storm (before and after).

RP Bleed

In character interactions that affect the out of character relationship with another person.

Random Death Match

RDM typically involves engaging in combat or causing harm to other players purely for personal amusement, without considering the narrative, roleplaying context, or rules of the server.

RDM goes against the principles of cooperative storytelling and fair gameplay. It is important to engage in meaningful interactions to maintain a positive and enjoyable roleplaying environment.


RDM Examples

Someone is riding by on their horse and your character unholsters their gun and shoots them.

Inserting yourself into a hostile situation without having any relevance or involvement.

Having a conversation with someone and just pulling out your gun and shooting them.

Value Your Life (and Freedom)
Fear RP

A style of play where players are expected to realistically portray fear or distress in response to dangerous or threatening situations within the game world.

Players are expected to prioritize their character’s safety and act as a real person would respond when facing potential harm, danger or a threat to their freedom.

This includes making decisions that prioritize self-preservation, cooperating with others, and following the established rules and guidelines of the game.


VYL Examples

Being hostile with others with no concern of numbers.

Participating in a shootout for no reason.

Walking around town carelessly with a bounty or warrant.

Immediately committing crimes after a stint in Sisika.

Erotic Roleplay

Erotic roleplay refers to a consensual form of sexual expression in roleplay for sexual experiences. Participants engage in scripted or improvised scenarios to explore fantasies, desires, or fetishes in a sexual context.

Erotic Roleplay is not allowed within DRB under any circumstances.

New Life Rule

The concept of when your character is downed (seriously injured) & self revives, you may or may not retain memories.

If a player self revives, the player must approach previous interactions and situations as if they suffered a horrible memory loss without any recollection of past events involving that specific scenario.

Players who have been self revived or revived by a stationary doctor’s assistant in town must have no memory of the events 10 IRL minutes leading up to their concussion.

Fail RP

A blanket term for behaviors that break the rules, guidlelines or immersion of the roleplaying experience.


Fail RP Examples

Usage of OOC without the use of accent dropping steps.

Telling others that you will clip it or contact the government.

Self reviving and acting as though you were uninjured.

Combat Logging

A term used to describe the action of starting conflict, and then immediately closing your game or leaving a session.