Stage Coach Driver

Stagecoach drivers reign supreme as the master of the road, navigating treacherous paths and ensuring the safe passage of passengers and their cargo through the untamed roads of New Dakota. With a firm grip on the reins and a keen eye for the ever-present dangers that lurk, the stagecoach driver becomes the unsung hero of the frontier’s transportation network.

Stagecoach driving is a great way job for anyone new to this lifestyle. It can be used as a way to begin networking, learn the map, and pass along or receive knowledge.

Stage coach driving is a roleplay rich job, which is to be taken seriously when interacting with other players. Please consider fellow settlers when electing for this job.

Stagecoach Driving Academy

– Benefits –

  • Farther transports for locals
    • (more $$$)
  • Bank bond transports

– How to Transport Settlers –

  • When a settler requests a transport, stage coach drivers will receive a prompt to retrieve their passengers.
  • /ndt will prompt the New Dakota Transport menu.
    • Used to accept a job and let passengers know their driver is on the way.
    • Used to let settlers nearby know that a stagecoach driver is available for a transport.
  • Payment is between the travelers and the coach driver for settlement.
  • /givemoney [government ID] [amount]
    Focus on the person you’d like to give money to can be used for a funds transfer.

– Driving Equipment –

  • Wagon with passenger seats

– How to Transport Locals –

  • Using the Stage Coach Itinerary (found in your inventory) will show you any locals in need of a transport on your map.

– How to Transport Bank Bonds –
Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for bank bond transports prior to starting.

  • Group up with your posse prior to starting transport.
  • Using a bank bond transport wagon, navigate to your local bank.
    • You will be prompted to set your posse.
    • You will be prompted to start transport, and a small fee will be charged.
  • A local marshal will accompany you to direct you to the destination point.