Ranchers takes on the rugged responsibility of, corralling livestock, and steering the course of the New Dakota’s booming cattle industry.
Amidst the sunbaked plains and rocky canyons, the rancher’s daily tasks include collecting chicken eggs, constructing and repairing sturdy fences to contain the spirited livestock, and participating in cattle drives that traverse the wilderness.

Ranchers play an important role in New Dakotas economy, providing various resources great settlers of land rely on for survival. Providing fresh, never frozen meats (don’t trust ranchers from Colter), fresh eggs from free roam chickens, and pure wool to keep anyone warm in the coldest of weather.

Ranching Academy

– Benefits –

  • Higher yield from ranching activities!
  • Maintain a larger herd!
  • Faster maturing animals!

– Ranching Equipment –

  • Animal feed bucket
  • Milk bucket
  • Egg Basket
  • Shears
  • Sack O’ Shit

– How to Raise Livestock –

  • Use the animal feed bucket to call your animals.
  • /graze to allow animals to start grazing.
    • Grazing helps animals grow big & strong!
  • /herd to summon animals to walk in front of you.
  • /follow_all will summon animals to follow you.
  • /home_all will return your animals to the barn.