Pet Trainer

With a thorough understanding of the unique instincts and abilities of each creature, the pet trainer assists townsfolk in selecting, training, and nurturing their chosen companions. Whether it’s teaching a dog to track down elusive game, training a bird to bring back valuables, or even coaching a pig to locate treasure, the trainer’s expertise extends to a variety of species that can be invaluable in the challenging environments of the frontier.

Pet trainers require personal motivation, as well as basic socialization. Townsfolk are often looking for someone to spend the time it takes to fully train an animal they have adopted. The use of advertisement boards is strongly advised as an aid in gaining loyal customers.

Pet Trainer Academy

– Benefits –

  • More experience per training session!
  • Discounted pets & birds!

– Training Equipment –

  • Bird Whistle
    • Purchasable at bird stand
  • Pet Whistle

– How to Train –

  • Sending birds to hunt/scavenge is how to gain XP.
  • Dogs & cats passively gain XP.
  • Pigs gain XP hunting.
    • Stay close to pigs while hunting for better results! (Pigs shouldn’t eat their findings!)