In the sun-drenched canyons and cavernous depths of New Dakota, the miner delves into the very heart of the mountains, extracting precious resources from the rugged earth.
Armed with pickaxe and determination, the miner navigates treacherous tunnels, seeking veins of gold, silver, and other vital minerals that define the fortunes of the frontier.

Mining is an important part of New Dakotas trade market, supplying various other trades with useful resources for their craft.

Miner Academy

– Benefits –

  • Ability to find trade specific resources!
  • Ability to bundle large amounts of resources!
  • Ability to mine more & better resources per mining session.

– Mining Equipment –

  • Pickaxe
    • Purchasable at Cripps stands

– How to Mine –

  • Locate the designated mining areas on the map.
    • Advanced miners can locate non marked areas for resource rich mining.
  • Equip your pickaxe and begin mining.