Horse Training

Horse trainers are the ballerina of the frontier, specializing in the art of taming and nurturing the equine companions that are the lifeblood of the New Dakota.
Charged with transforming wild mustangs into reliable steeds, the horse trainer employs a blend of patience, skill, and a deep understanding of these majestic creatures.

Horse training requires personal motivation, as well as basic socialization. The use of the advertisement board is strongly advised as an aid to getting your name publicized as a horse trainer.

– OOC –

Horse training is a mini-game. It can also require a higher powered machine for it to work properly. For best results, ensure your computer greatly exceeds the system requirements.
Ensure to follow the prompts while training to earn points. Missing a prompt will result in losing a point.

Horse Trainer Academy

– Benefits –

  • Call up to five wild horses to follow!
  • Easier horse training!
  • Exclusive breeds!
  • Discounted horses!
  • Tax Exemption at stables!

– How to –

  • Wild Horses will need to be taken to a fence to be registered or sold.
  • To train another characters horse, first they will need to “sell” their horse to you for $0.00.
  • After training the horse you can sell the horse back for the training fee.

– Training Locations –

  • Valentine Stables
  • Van Horn Stables
  • Strawberry Stables
  • Braithewaite Stables
  • Dewberry Stables
  • Armadillo Stables
  • Tumbleweed Stables