Farmers toil under the sun, embracing the responsibilities of cultivating the land in the untamed lands of New Dakota.
Tasked with the vital role of ensuring the settlement’s sustenance, the farmer engages in a myriad of activities, from planting and harvesting crops to ensuring crop survival, to stocking the town and settlers with fresh produce.

Chefs, doctors and horse trainers alike heavily rely on maintaining a healthy relationship with farmers for various resources. Farmers can utilize a market for selling their goods, or opt for face to face sales.

Farmer Academy

– The Perks –

  • Have up to 30 crops at once!
  • Green thumb! (increased crop yield)
  • Fertilizer utilization (increases crop yield!)
  • Trade exclusive crafting knowledge!

– Farming Equipment –

  • Seeds
  • Complimentary Rake
  • Shovel
  • Water Bucket

– How to Farm –

  • Dig a plot to plant your seeds
    • Ensure you’re outside of town!
  • Plant your seeds
  • Rake the plot
  • Keep the plants watered!
  • Harvest your crop!