Spring Title Update 0.9.5

Spring has bloomed in The Dakota River Bend and brought with it a slew of new systems and features to New Dakota. The DRB Spring Update is set to launch at 3pm EST on May 20th, 2023.

Come Relax in New Dakota with a Place to Call Your Own


Contractors and planners from all around have been busy setting up and building new spaces for townsfolk to own and rent. This new system takes camps to the luxury of a home. That’s right, Instanced Housing is coming to the county with the availability and affordability for everyone to own and fully customize their own space in county. With no limit to the number of spaces you can own, who you can add as guests or the items you can add to the décor, this new system will have something for everyone to enjoy.

More information on this revolutionary new system and its features will be available in a tutorial video released soon. Are you ready to live in luxury and comfort?


The market system has also been revisited and overhauled. This results in a more customized experience for everyone. Townsfolk will now be able to go buy a market permit whenever they are ready and place it in a location of their choosing based on some restrictions.

These markets can be moved, closed, or even offer to change the shop type to allow a more hands-on feel for the owner. Market workers, storage and a cash box have been added as well to create more immersion. Do note all current markets will remain and convert to this new system.


The Gov’t Services menu has been added near each job board. This new menu allows for a vast array of new features that can be done right in the county and makes Townsfolk’s lives a little easier.

Default Settings will allow you to set up your preferred settings for when you log in to the server. These currently include walk style, sidesaddle, talking accessibility, cash visibility, show cords, and online option. More will be assessed and added as needed in the future.

Also available at these locations will be the option to change the names of all animals and vehicles in the county. As well as simple name changes for marriages or divorces and newer player name typos.


The criminal reputation system has had an addition. The most notorious of outlaws can now earn robbing rep by doing many jobs around the county. These include petty shop robberies, large bank robberies and maybe even some high value transports.

Criminals who put in the work and level up their rep will be allowed to then showcase their skills upon the townsfolk of the county. And as your rep continues to grow so will your ability to efficiently rob and steal more valuables and cash.


Hunters, Farmers and Stage Drivers Rejoice! We have added a few features to some very specific wagons. These include the Hunter’s Cart, Barrel Wagon, and Armored Stagecoach.

Hunters can now have the luxury of adding multiple carcasses to the Hunting Wagon for easy transport to the butcher. Even friends can help load and unload your wagon for quicker money-making ventures. But don’t leave your wagon unattended, you never know who is lurking in the shadows that may want that deer for themselves.

Farming will now be easier on your back and knees. Lugging all that water around was a chore. Well now anyone can use the Barrel Wagon with the newly added Pump accessory to fill and then water plants with just the push of a button from any lake or river.

Stagecoach Drivers who have what it takes and are not intimidated by the challenge can now take on Government Bank Bond Transport Missions. These will be high risk yet high reward and will be the first of their kind in the county. They will allow for both a posse to be created to help complete the mission and invoke PVP style gameplay for all citizens to be a part of. These missions are a new kind of immersion that we are excited to introduce and continue to build upon here in New Dakota. Stay tuned for more detailed information to lay out all the rules and guidelines for these missions.


Here at The Dakota River Bend we have always strived to make a new and different server. We were showcased and designed with the idea of being a community driven immersive online platform where all players can come together and enjoy their time. But we also continue to allow special systems and features to create some intense adventures and storytelling.

With that in mind we have created a new Online Status system including a friends list we are calling The Social Circle! In 1899 your social circle was filled with the people you trusted. Whether that be the farmer next door, ole’ Aunt Betty, or the gang of root’n toot’n outlaws you called friends. And now you will have the ability to pick if you want to be hidden from all, only seen by friends or show online for everyone. These settings are also available to set in the Gov’t Service Default Settings options. We believe this new system will allow for different play styles to come together and tailor their personal experiences to how they want to enjoy their time on the server.


Do you have some? Some people may already know what we are getting at here, but if you don’t then we will come out and say it. A brand-new clothing menu is coming to New Dakota and with it brings the ability to buy and own individual clothing items as well as the option to use gold for some purchases.

The new clothing menu is very organized, controller friendly, and will require you to buy specific items only once that you can use in multiple outfits. You will also be able to adjust and build new outfits in your personal wardrobes at camps, properties, and instance houses.

And as mentioned we are introducing GOLD as a currency for some clothing items as an alternative. This means that gold nuggets and gold bars can now be placed in your bank account for safe keeping. Although this system is very new, and features are limited, things to buy will continue to evolve for the future.

Stay tuned for more information in Discord in the coming weeks for important tips to make your transition into the Spring Update seamless. As well as watch for full Title 0.9.5 Patch Notes to be released soon.

On Behalf of the entire team here at DRB Studios we thank you for your continued patience and support as we strive to create something different and unique.

– The Architect

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