| General Info

All non whitelisted jobs listed in New Dakota can be performed without accepting the job at the board.
Accepting jobs at the boards gives you additional benefits to each profession.
We recommend trying out the aspects of a job or speaking to a professional in the field, without committing to the job outright, as this will be your career path.

| State Jobs

State Jobs are whitelisted positions, and can be applied for in character, or utilizing the discord channel titled # | jobs-n-hobbies.
These positions are considered to be an additional opportunity that requires cooperation, and a large amount of roleplay. All state employees are paid by the state.

Physicians shoulder the responsibility of tending to the health and well-being of frontiersmen and women.
From mending gunshot wounds sustained in saloon shootouts to treating live animal attacks, the physician is the beacon of healing in a world where danger lurks around every corner.

Law enforcement officers uphold justice and order amidst the towns and lawless expanses. Serving as the embodiment of the law, these law enforcement officers tirelessly patrol the vast landscapes, investigating crimes, apprehending outlaws, and maintaining the fragile balance between order and chaos.
Discover what it’s like to walk in the shoes of the Marshal, Park Ranger, or Local Law Enforcement.

The realtor is the unsung hero of frontier property dealings. These land brokers facilitate the dreams of settlers looking to stake their claim in the New Dakota. From bustling towns to remote homesteads, the realtor navigates the intricacies of property transactions, negotiating deals, and ensuring that each new property owner holds the promise of a prosperous future.

The train engineer commands the iron behemoths that traverse the vast, rugged expanses of the New Dakota. Tasked with the responsibility of guiding locomotives through treacherous terrain, engineer ensures the safe and timely transportation of passengers, goods, and perhaps even a few secrets along the tracks.

| Civilian Jobs

The job board can be found in the Government Services buildings. Any job found on the job board can be applied for, where you will be hired on the spot.
Use caution when applying for a job, as you will have to pay for your schooling when switching to a new career path.
The price to swap your trade will depend on how much knowledge was gained at the prior position.
After reading 15 books (reaching level 15) in your current position, you’ll have to pay $50 per book read.

Horse trainers are the ballerina of the frontier, specializing in the art of taming and nurturing the equine companions that are the lifeblood of the New Dakota.
Charged with transforming wild mustangs into reliable steeds, the horse trainer employs a blend of patience, skill, and a deep understanding of these majestic creatures.

With a deep understanding of the unique instincts and abilities of each creature, the pet trainer assists characters in selecting, training, and nurturing their chosen companions.
Whether it’s teaching a dog to track down elusive game, training a bird to bring back valuables, the trainer’s expertise extends to a variety of species that can be invaluable in the challenging environments of the digital frontier.

Farmers toil under the virtual sun, embracing the responsibilities of cultivating the land in the untamed lands of New Dakota.
Tasked with the vital role of ensuring the settlement’s sustenance, the farmer engages in a myriad of activities, from planting and harvesting crops to ensuring crop survival, to stocking the town and settlers with fresh produce.

Ranchers takes on the rugged responsibility of, corralling livestock, and steering the course of the New Dakota’s booming cattle industry.
Amidst the sunbaked plains and rocky canyons, the rancher’s daily tasks include collecting chicken eggs, constructing and repairing sturdy fences to contain the spirited livestock, and participating in cattle drives that traverse the digital wilderness.

Stagecoach drivers reign supreme as the master of the road, navigating treacherous paths and ensuring the safe passage of passengers and their cargo through the untamed roads of New Dakota. With a firm grip on the reins and a keen eye for the ever-present dangers that lurk, the stagecoach driver becomes the unsung hero of the frontier’s transportation network.

Delivery drivers are the backbone of commerce and trade. With the creaking wheels of their trusty wagon, these drivers navigate the treacherous paths of New Dakota, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of essential goods to destinations near and far.

Gunsmiths take on role of the artisanal guardian, crafting and maintaining firearms. Nestled in the workshop, the gunsmith meticulously specializes in their craft, forging and repairing an array of weapons that settlers and outlaws alike depend on for survival.

Blacksmiths are the beating heart of craftsmanship, shaping the destiny of New Dakota with every swing of the hammer.
The blacksmith’s responsibilities extend far beyond the glowing embers and molten metal.

In the sun-drenched canyons and cavernous depths of New Dakota, the miner delves into the very heart of the mountains, extracting precious resources from the rugged earth.
Armed with pickaxe and determination, the miner navigates treacherous tunnels, seeking veins of gold, silver, and other vital minerals that define the fortunes of the frontier.

The Logger becomes the silent sentinel of the untamed wilderness. Armed with axes and saws, loggers shoulder the responsibility of harvesting timber from the sprawling forests that blanket New Dakota. From the rustling leaves of pine to the resilient oaks, the logger navigates the dense woodlands, felling trees to provide the essential lumber that shapes settlements and fortifies homesteads.

Herbalists emerge as the whispering guardian of the New Dakota’s natural bounty. Armed with a keen eye for flora and a wealth of botanical knowledge, the herbalist travels peaceful fields and hidden glades, seeking medicinal herbs and rare plants that hold the secrets of healing.

Chefs are culinary geniuses, turning the raw ingredients of the Wild West into savory masterpieces that warm the hearts of settlers near and far.
Armed with cast-iron pots and a flair for frontier flavors, chefs take on the crucial responsibility of nourishing the spirits of those who populate New Dakota.