Accessing Discord

Join the New Dakota Discord Server

Prior to joining the server, we kindly request all new members to thoroughly review the Rules & Guidelines.
As part of our verification or whitelisting1 process, new members must correctly answer a 10-question assessment in order to obtain the role necessary for accessing the server.

In the event that clicking the button below does not prompt a window to join the server, please visit our discord website for alternative access.

Linking Cfx & Discord

To establish your connection between RedM and the server, it is necessary to link your CfX (CitizenFX) and Discord accounts. Please ensure that Discord is open before launching the RedM application. Upon opening RedM, you should receive an automatic prompt to authorize access to Discord.

If this prompt does not appear, you can attempt the following steps for resolution.

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the settings.
  2. Look for the “Authorized Apps” section, located four options down from the top.
  3. Search for “FiveM” in the list and proceed to deauthorize the app.
  4. Close both RedM and Discord.
  5. Open Discord first and then launch RedM.

These steps should trigger a new prompt for authorizing CfX.

If the above steps still do not work, try reinstalling Discord.