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The goal of criminal roleplay should be to explore the experiences of being a criminal within New Dakota. One should immerse themselves in the role, interact with other characters, and navigate the challenges and consequences of a life of crime.
Ultimately, all criminals should contribute to a rich, engaging, and believable criminal underworld that adds depth and excitement to all other characters stories.

Proper criminal roleplay fosters a sense of challenge and excitement for criminals, bystanders, and law officers in pursuit.
It presents an opportunity for criminal groups to strategize, organize crime, plan heists, evade law enforcement, engage in thrilling cat-and-mouse pursuits, and overall promote camaraderie amongst themselves and others.

This code of conduct applies to any characters that perform illegal activities, intentional or not.


  • All illegal activities require RP with law and/or civilians involved.
  • Criminals must value their lives, their freedom, and the lives and freedoms of bystanders (NPCs included).
  • Roleplay over gunplay – Good Roleplay doesn’t always involve a shootout. Bantering with law can be fun and still result in an escape or lower sentence.

Criminal Activity

  • No illegal activity within the following constraints:
    • 30 minutes prior to a server reset (storm).
    • 15 Minutes after a server reset (storm)
    • 48 minutes after release of arrest
    • Overpopulated areas
  • Character traits are not an excuse for habitual violence. Keep it realistic; Make it make sense.
  • An acting criminal may flee the scene with or without lawmen in pursuit after 3 minutes of completing a public illegal activity.
    • Criminals may not enter instanced locations of any kind for 48 minutes after committing any kind of crime.

      – Instanced locations include anywhere that a character is put into a private session, that is inaccessible to others characters.
  • Criminals may not change their appearance, including outfit in any way within 48 minutes of criminal activity.
    • Clothing articles may be stacked, and removed.
    • Characters may change hairstyle, but not hair length, or color.
  • Criminal scenarios are to remain in groups no larger than 6. Information shared must be done in character. 
    • Groups should always designate 6 people to participate in an initiated scenario.
    • Gang members may not start illegal activities in towns and populated areas in groups larger than 6.
    • No group stacking. 2 groups of 6 = 12 = prohibited. 
  • All players must give consent before engaging in any torture RP. This includes the removal of body parts. 
  • Body dumping in inaccessible areas is prohibited.
    Areas include:
    • Water
    • Instanced Housing
    • Rooftops/High or hard to reach areas without the use of a balloon
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Outside of traditional RDR2 map boundaries

Law Interaction

Criminals of all reputation levels should always respect the VYL rule when interacting with law.
It is important to consider that law are allowed up to +1 Character per scenario against large criminal groups.

  • Excessive hostility to law will result in moderator intervention.
  • Local jail breaks should involve Roleplay.
    • Lobbing throwables at a law office is not considered Roleplay.
  • Respect the limits of game mechanics when interacting with law.
    • Be wary of locked doors showing incorrectly on your screen.


Gang: An established group that identifies under a group name known by the public.
Posse: A small group of friends, traveling together

Your gangs establishment within the state should be an organic and story-driven process.
Coming into the state and causing havoc and petty crimes to get noticed by law may get yourself and your group removed from the server.
Taking time to create a story behind your group and their actions is an important part of becoming a legitimately known gang, for all the right reasons.

  • Characters may not be apart of more than one gang.
  • Territories may be used and established in character.
    • Territories may not be established within town limits (Excluding Saint Denis)
    • Gangs may not harass civilians passing through their territories.
  • All gang conflict must stay IC.
  • Gangs may create partnerships or agreements with other gangs.
    • All players must continue to observe the 6 per scenario rule when engaging in an active scenario as a collective group.
  • Gangs are allowed to have physicians within the gang and on hand.


  • Only one bank robbery per group/person per storm.
  • No chain robberies of civilians or banks.
  • Criminals must advise law of accurate numbers during a bank robbery.
  • Criminals may not force a player to empty their bank account or their satchel/pockets.
  • Only one person per group may rob a player. If a double robbery occurs (2 people rob the same person at the same time) the second robber must return money & items stolen. 
  • Criminals may only rob OR murder, but not both. 
  • Criminals may not rob a player who cannot reasonably defend themselves (eg. spawning, starting or finishing a job, changing, while in a menu) 
  • Train Stations and Wagon Delivery Points are safe zones.
    • Players may not camp or guard at these locations to rob or abduct a player.
  • Outside help is not allowed during a robbery, unless your group strategically & internally plans this. This violates the group stacking rule.
  • Bystanders for robberies must observe the VYL RP rules.
  • Criminals must keep Train Conductors alive.

Hostages & Kidnapping 

A player or players that have been removed from their own line of RP by force, brought to a new location, and/or held against their will for an extended period of time.

  • Proper RP must be conducted prior to kidnapping another player. 
  • Lawmen and Doctors can only be taken hostage 1 at a time per group. 
  • Players cannot be held hostage for more than 1 in game day (48 minutes).
  • Players who cannot reasonably defend themselves cannot be taken as a hostage. (eg. spawning, starting or finishing a job, changing, while in a menu)
  • Hostages may be disarmed without stealing their firearms through the use of /me. Hostages must observe being disarmed and surrender their weapons.
  • Hostages should be taken care of, and given the opportunity to manage hunger and thirst.
  • Hostages must not be a willing participant. You must organically abduct a hostage.