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What’s the difference between the Dakota River Bend & New Dakota?

Dakota River Bend is the name of the server and the community, whereas New Dakota is the name of the territory inside the game.

Where do I download RedM?

There is a link available on our downloads page.

I’ve downloaded RedM. How do I find the server?

Start typing “Dakota” in the server browser & it’ll show!

How do I quit the game?

Press F8 and type the word “quit” and then hit the Enter key.

I cannot see my character in creation how do I fix this?

Swap genders back and forth.

How do I get a horse?

Ask someone in game!

How do I get a job in Dakota River Bend?

Ask in game!

How do I see my Inventory?

Press B (on PC) or Right on D Pad (for controller)

How do I change my voice range, so people further away can hear me?

Press J (on PC) or Left on D Pad (for controller)
Can also be done by typing /cycleproximity into the text box and hitting Enter.

What are some basic controls I need to know?

There is a commands list on Discord in the #commands channel.

Do you lose your inventory upon death?

No, you do not lose any of your items on death. You do lose your last 30 minutes of your memory as outlined in the gameplay guidelines.

What are the 4 icons in the bottom left of the screen?

Voice Level (turns green when talking, more bars carry greater distance)

  Thirst Level

Hunger Level

Cowboy icon = Population density around you

 < 10 people around

~15 people around

~20 people around

> 25 people around

A red warning icon will appear in the middle of it if you are in an area of 30+ people. Reaching this population density can cause serious gaming glitches and crashes. Law enforcement may come ask people to leave the area.

How do I check my cash?

Tap your Left ALT key to view quickly or use the command /showCash to keep the number on screen for the duration of your session (or until you turn it off using the same command)

What if I’m stuck in a room and cannot get out?

Press “T” and type /emergency. This function has a cooldown period of several minutes and will transport you elsewhere on the map.

What’s the best job? How do I make money?

Ask in game!

Can I use the bank everywhere for my items or money?

Money accounts transfer from bank to bank.
Items are bank specific

How do you rob real people?

Follow this link and read it carefully.

How can I purchase a house?

When housing is available, you will be able to apply at the Realtors Office #front-desk in the Discord server. When none is available, we do still have an excellent camping system!

I was robbed with no RP, is this allowed?

Not at all. Try to get the person’s CFX name by focusing (right-clicking or using your left trigger), and some video evidence. Even if you don’t get a video, open a ticket under #create-a-ticket in the Discord and speak with a moderator.

How do I make my own camp?

By buying a camping permit from Gus’ Outfitters (found at several locations in the game) and then finding some unoccupied space to build on.

How do I contact law?

To contact the Sheriff’s office directly, determine your region using the map pictured below, and send a telegram to the applicable Sheriff’s office.

New Hanover – Valentine Sheriff
Lemoyne – Saint Denis Sheriff
West Elizabeth – Blackwater Sheriff
New Austin – Tumbleweed Sheriff

How do I emote?

Press “T” to pull up the text bar.
Check the #commands channel for the current list.

Do I need anything for in game voice chat?

Our server utilizes the built in chat. Make sure you have it enabled it in the sound settings, and by default the push to talk should be “N”.

How do I become whitelisted?

If you see all the channels in Discord you needn’t do anything else.

When does the server restart?

Every 6 hours. 3am, 9am, 3pm, 9pm (All times are in EST & are subject to change)

Check #server-status in Discord to see updates on times

How do I know what changes when the server updates?

Check #server-logs in Discord. The team always updates that channel when new updates will be rolling out to the public!

Are there posses in this server?

Not like in RDO, but you can always travel around with your friends together and sit at camp.

I’m new. What should I do when I first start in DRB?

Each adventure is different, we recommend meeting people in town for recommendations on what to do with your time! Everyone is very friendly and helpful!

If your question wasn’t here, please post to the #general-questions channel in Discord!